A Game-Changing Mission: Patrick Clark of REIG

REIG was recently featured on a Vistage podcast where Co-Owner Patrick Clark shared what has become REIG’s story.

Patrick has been a Vistage member since 2013, and has gained invaluable insight from the company that aims to develop leaders out of today’s CEO’s. Patrick knows that he must provide concise direction for the team to succeed,  as leadership is judged by the team’s performance. But, how does he succeed in providing such concise direction?

In the last couple years, Patrick adopted Benjamin Zander’s mantra as his own: “Who am I being that my players’ eyes are not shining?” It is that exact mantra that has motivated Patrick to continually  provide all of REIG’s players with the fuel needed to be the best we can be, each and every day. In the podcast, Patrick asks    himself “how am I being or communicating that my team isn’t receiving a message?” He speaks about the importance of holding himself accountable, which as a leader enables him to hold others accountable.

Patrick goes on to say “we view ourselves as game-changers in the marketplace to have our company be a vehicle for change in the industry.”  Values have ALWAYS driven both Patrick and Brian, and now  everyone here at REIG. In fact, the company’s tenets are built right into the four-letter acronym that is REIG.

Being driven by values and the need to give back is how REIG’s charitable initiative, REIG Operation Renovation was born. With this,  REIG has been able to create that vehicle for change that Patrick speaks about today.

The reason for sharing this story is that there are still so many companies out there who have yet to define their “WHY.” If profit is your only “why” for operating a business, then it will run it’s course and ultimately people will become burnt out. As REIG  decided to step forward and give back, Patrick encourages other business owners to make that same step. Vistage Staff said that Patrick is a “new business leader with an old philosophy,”

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