Operation Renovation: What's Next?

We are so thrilled to have successfully completed our very first Operation Renovation project for the Barton Family. We were lucky enough to have been able to spend time with the Barton's throughout this process, and feel even more grateful that we had the opportunity to help them with a home renovation. 

To see additional coverage of the finished renovation, official unveiling, and participating sponsors- visit our Media page!

Before REIG Operation Renovation came to life, we had no idea how much help we would potentially receive from the community. We are inspired by the amount of support given by local vendors and sponsors, and feel more excited than ever. Together, we can offer military heroes the assistance in which they need!

But, what's next? We want to renovate THREE additional families' homes before the end of 2015. But, we do need help. REIG is aiming to raise a total of $130,000 for the next three projects to ensure that we are able to do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to accommodate each military family selected. Working closely with Wounded Warrior Homes, we know that there are many more families in just San Diego who could use some help. If you, or someone you know, might be able to help Operation Renovation- please send them our way.

Can you help?