The Barton Family's Visit with Stanford Quarterback, Evan Crower

Thanks to REIG Operation Renovation sponsor, Barry Waxler of  Universal Financial Consultants, The Barton's were able to meet AND practice with Stanford University's Superstar Quarterback, Evan Crower! Matthew, the oldest of the Barton children was on cloud 9 with Evan! He (who is a promising little quarterback himself) got to work out with Evan for an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, 3 year old Ethan had a blast running around the field. No one would know that this little fighter had open heart surgery just a few weeks prior! Wonderful mom, Cheryl and son Christopher (5 years old) sat in delight as the football fun continued.

We want to thank Barry Waxler for setting up this wonderful introduction, and Evan Crower for taking the time to have some fun with the Barton's! Superhero father, Barry Barton got to learn many things that will help him in his coaching efforts, and Matthew will be wearing his new Stanford T shirt proudly!