Operation Renovation: Week 2

We are beginning the last stretch of the Barton's home renovation! We have gotten a TON done, but we still have a ways to go. As we mentioned in the last post, foundation issues posed as a threat to our timeline. BUT, Saber Foundation Repair, or our "Life-Saber's" as we call them, came in and worked for three days straight (on their own time) to get the job done right. A few of the photos below shed light on just how much concrete we are talking about here...

"It's unreal how much concrete this is...we've never seen something like this before..." - Saber Foundation Repair

The photos also show Project Manager, Mike Owens, hard at work on the back deck. This custom patio cover will allow for the Barton's to enjoy time outside with Christopher, their 5-year old son, as he is very sensitive to the sunlight.

Sid's Carpet Barn made an appearance last week as well. Over the span of a few days, Sid's put in brand new, beautiful flooring for the Barton's! This was one of the most important items on the Barton's wishlist because it would enable them to transport Christopher around the house with much more ease. THANK YOU Sid's Carpet Barn!!!

All of our sponsoring vendors are really "kicking butt" to ensure that this project is completed by next Monday, January 26th. And we can't forget REIG skilled workers who have also been there every day to keep the project on schedule. Without you, this home renovation would be impossible! We even rallied some of our kids to come help the cause. What a great experience this has been!

Painting and landscaping with MSE Landscape Professionals ahead! Anyone is welcome to join in and grab a paint brush this weekend. :)