REIG Helping Military Home Owners

Home ownership is a one way to provide a sense of security for families. It allows them to have a place to call home where they can start capturing family memories. “Home ownership is a top priority for many, but it is especially significant to those returning from a tour of duty,” said Rick Davidson, president and CEO of Century 21. “Veterans have done so much to serve our country.” Yet only 33 percent actually look for a home within a year of returning from duty. 

So what happens when a service member buys a home that needs repairs? Knowing they have tied up all their savings into the purchase and have no other funds to fix anything that needs to be done to the house can be a stressful situation. For this exact reason, REIG has created Operation Renovation to help military families in these circumstances. This will allow a military family to receive a full home renovation as a way of saying Thank You to our Veterans and Active Duty!

This is a new project from REIG so make sure you apply for this wonderful opportunity today. 

Click here to apply today.