A Game-Changing Mission: Patrick Clark of REIG

REIG was recently featured on a Vistage podcast where Co-Owner Patrick Clark shared what has become REIG’s story.

Patrick has been a Vistage member since 2013, and has gained invaluable insight from the company that aims to develop leaders out of today’s CEO’s. Patrick knows that he must provide concise direction for the team to succeed,  as leadership is judged by the team’s performance. But, how does he succeed in providing such concise direction?

In the last couple years, Patrick adopted Benjamin Zander’s mantra as his own: “Who am I being that my players’ eyes are not shining?” It is that exact mantra that has motivated Patrick to continually  provide all of REIG’s players with the fuel needed to be the best we can be, each and every day. In the podcast, Patrick asks    himself “how am I being or communicating that my team isn’t receiving a message?” He speaks about the importance of holding himself accountable, which as a leader enables him to hold others accountable.

Patrick goes on to say “we view ourselves as game-changers in the marketplace to have our company be a vehicle for change in the industry.”  Values have ALWAYS driven both Patrick and Brian, and now  everyone here at REIG. In fact, the company’s tenets are built right into the four-letter acronym that is REIG.

Being driven by values and the need to give back is how REIG’s charitable initiative, REIG Operation Renovation was born. With this,  REIG has been able to create that vehicle for change that Patrick speaks about today.

The reason for sharing this story is that there are still so many companies out there who have yet to define their “WHY.” If profit is your only “why” for operating a business, then it will run it’s course and ultimately people will become burnt out. As REIG  decided to step forward and give back, Patrick encourages other business owners to make that same step. Vistage Staff said that Patrick is a “new business leader with an old philosophy,”

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Operation Renovation Needs Your Help!

As you may know, REIG Operation Renovation successfully completed our first full home renovation for the Barton Family in January of this year. We are now aiming to renovate THREE MORE FAMILIES' HOMES by the end of 2015!!! But, we need your help...

Our GOAL is to raise $130,000. We CAN do this if you help us spread the word!!! Share our posts on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/reigoperationrenovation and tell all of your friends and associates about our initiative.

Wounded Warrior Homes receives applications from veterans who need a helping hand every day. Modifying a home to fit the needs of some of our wounded warriors can be costly & difficult. REIG can make these modifications, but we can't do it alone. Help us put, and keep a roof over our military members' heads by donating today.

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who helps share in our Mission to honor, celebrate, and change the lives of local military heroes through a passionate and purposed home renovation.

Operation Renovation: What's Next?

We are so thrilled to have successfully completed our very first Operation Renovation project for the Barton Family. We were lucky enough to have been able to spend time with the Barton's throughout this process, and feel even more grateful that we had the opportunity to help them with a home renovation. 

To see additional coverage of the finished renovation, official unveiling, and participating sponsors- visit our Media page!

Before REIG Operation Renovation came to life, we had no idea how much help we would potentially receive from the community. We are inspired by the amount of support given by local vendors and sponsors, and feel more excited than ever. Together, we can offer military heroes the assistance in which they need!

But, what's next? We want to renovate THREE additional families' homes before the end of 2015. But, we do need help. REIG is aiming to raise a total of $130,000 for the next three projects to ensure that we are able to do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to accommodate each military family selected. Working closely with Wounded Warrior Homes, we know that there are many more families in just San Diego who could use some help. If you, or someone you know, might be able to help Operation Renovation- please send them our way.

Can you help? 

Operation Renovation: Week 2

We are beginning the last stretch of the Barton's home renovation! We have gotten a TON done, but we still have a ways to go. As we mentioned in the last post, foundation issues posed as a threat to our timeline. BUT, Saber Foundation Repair, or our "Life-Saber's" as we call them, came in and worked for three days straight (on their own time) to get the job done right. A few of the photos below shed light on just how much concrete we are talking about here...

"It's unreal how much concrete this is...we've never seen something like this before..." - Saber Foundation Repair

The photos also show Project Manager, Mike Owens, hard at work on the back deck. This custom patio cover will allow for the Barton's to enjoy time outside with Christopher, their 5-year old son, as he is very sensitive to the sunlight.

Sid's Carpet Barn made an appearance last week as well. Over the span of a few days, Sid's put in brand new, beautiful flooring for the Barton's! This was one of the most important items on the Barton's wishlist because it would enable them to transport Christopher around the house with much more ease. THANK YOU Sid's Carpet Barn!!!

All of our sponsoring vendors are really "kicking butt" to ensure that this project is completed by next Monday, January 26th. And we can't forget REIG skilled workers who have also been there every day to keep the project on schedule. Without you, this home renovation would be impossible! We even rallied some of our kids to come help the cause. What a great experience this has been!

Painting and landscaping with MSE Landscape Professionals ahead! Anyone is welcome to join in and grab a paint brush this weekend. :)


Operation Renovation: Week 1

What a wonderful first week of the Operation Renovation project! Beginning last Saturday, January 10th, we had over 30 Team Depot volunteers come to help us move the Barton's out of their home. But the fun didn't stop there! Carpet was torn out, tile chipped away, and we are starting to see this home transform!

The photos you see above are from last Sunday! YES, these volunteers did such an amazing job in just two short days!!!

As with any renovation project, we have run into an obstacle. With major renovations, you have to prepare for potential roadblocks. Our roadblock happens to be a rather important one: Foundation Cracks. But, Saber Geotechnical Construction Solutions, has literally come to save the day!!! Saber has volunteered to donate over $10k in labor to get these foundation issues corrected. Thanks to them, we are able to fulfill our quest in giving the Barton's a beautiful AND functional home!

We want to thank everyone who came out to donate their time and efforts so far to this project! Everyone who has participated has truly blown us away at REIG. We are so lucky to have so much support from the community!

Sponsor Spotlight:

Wounded Warrior Homes

Home Depot

Saber, Geotechnical Construction Solutions

Sid's Carpet Barn

MSE Landscapes

H Cabinets

Frazier Farms

Universal Financial Consultants

Aquatic Perfection

Alan Geber Plumbing

Varo Drywall

Goldenstate Electric


Diamond Environmental Services


A/C Mechanical

The Barton Family's Visit with Stanford Quarterback, Evan Crower

Thanks to REIG Operation Renovation sponsor, Barry Waxler of  Universal Financial Consultants, The Barton's were able to meet AND practice with Stanford University's Superstar Quarterback, Evan Crower! Matthew, the oldest of the Barton children was on cloud 9 with Evan! He (who is a promising little quarterback himself) got to work out with Evan for an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, 3 year old Ethan had a blast running around the field. No one would know that this little fighter had open heart surgery just a few weeks prior! Wonderful mom, Cheryl and son Christopher (5 years old) sat in delight as the football fun continued.

We want to thank Barry Waxler for setting up this wonderful introduction, and Evan Crower for taking the time to have some fun with the Barton's! Superhero father, Barry Barton got to learn many things that will help him in his coaching efforts, and Matthew will be wearing his new Stanford T shirt proudly!



REIG Operation Renovation Update

We hope that everyone had a great holiday! We can't believe that the holiday season is already upon us. Before life gets hectic running around for Christmas presents and preparing for the in-laws to come into town, we wanted to send out an update on our Operation Renovation for the Barton family.

While we originally planned on completing our first REIG Operation Renovation by Thanksgiving, we have since decided to kick off the big project in the first month of the New Year. With the Barton's youngest son, Ethan, undergoing heart surgery this month and due to scheduling around the holidays...this was an easy decision for us all to make. And how better to start the year fresh than with a new and completely renovated home to enjoy? The Barton's full home remodel will officially begin January 10, 2015! The additional time preparing means that we are able to make this project one for the books. From a brand new yard and landscaping for the family, to a custom fish tank for Christopher who suffers from CMV. We are able to give the Barton's even more than we had planned thanks to our AMAZING sponsors (listed below). We hope that our first Operation Renovation project for the Barton's will set the bar for projects to come throughout 2015.

If you or someone you know might be interested in donating time/goods/services to this project, it isn't too late!  Contact Chelsey Beeson from our Marketing Team at chelsey@reigam.com or call 760-566-3203 if you have any questions.

Our purpose is to honor, celebrate, and change the lives of local military heroes through a passionate and purposed home renovation. We hope that we are able to do just that, beginning with the Barton family.

Another BIG thank you again to our sponsors! Without you, this would not be possible.

The Home Depot Foundation

MSE Landscape Professionals

Sid's Carpet Barn

Universal Financial Consultants

Aquatic Perfection

Frazier Farms

Alan Geber Plumbing

David Rhodes Golden State Electric


Allied Storage

Diamond Environmental Services

Varo Drywall


REIG Operation Renovation: 2014 Recipient

We are so thrilled to announce the San Diego family that will be receiving an entire home renovation through REIG Operation: Renovation!

 The Barton Family

The Barton Family

Meet the Barton's! Barry and Cheryl Barton are proud parents of three beautiful children, 3-year old Ethan, 5-year old Christopher, and 9-year old Matthew.

Operation Renovation was created to honor and give back to some of the men and women, past and present, who have proudly served our country. Barry Barton has served active duty military in the Navy since the summer of 2001. When the U.S. was in turmoil after the 9/11 attacks, Barry chose to sacrifice everything and fight for his country. His dedication to this country, and to his family is WHY we need to give back.

But, Barry isn't the only hero of this story. Barry and Cheryl's son, Christopher, was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus (or CMV) and suffers from a severe case. Cheryl stays home and cares for Christopher, as he requires 24-hour care and assistance.  Christopher is legally blind, deaf in both ears, and has Microcephaly and Cerebral Palsy as a result of CMV. In addition, the Barton's also just learned that their youngest, Ethan, has an enlarged heart. Recognizing the profound impact of having a child with a disability or health issues is a daunting task. Despite the curve-balls being thrown at the Barton's, they remain resilient. Cheryl and Barry possess a strength that can't be measured, which is why we are so eager to lend them our support.

We hope that a full renovation will provide the Barton's with the home that they want and need. The Barton's wish list is comprised of features that will ultimately cater to their children, and make it easier to provide them with the care they need. But, we ultimately want to make the entire home a sanctuary, and space that everyone can enjoy. On the to-do list is everything from hard flooring for easier transportation throughout the house, to a brand new master bathroom and kitchen. Stay tuned for more information about the project, and opportunities to volunteer...

Also, another BIG thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for helping us bring this initiative to life! We could not have done it without you!

Helping Military Veterans Find Housing

Fairway Independent Mortgage has created a training "boot camp" for real estate agents, to help them access housing opportunities for military veterans. Trying to buy a home poses many challenges as it is, but veterans face challenges that are unique to most. Fairway's training program is designed to teach agents about these specific challenges, and how they can better meet veteran's needs.

Unfortunately, veterans and active duty service members often have a difficult time finding employment, and research shows that they are more likely to face homelessness or poverty. Fairway CEO, Steve Jacobson, states that "the objective of Fairway's CMRS certification program is to train and equip real estate agents to handle with care the home purchase needs of active duet and former military clients."

The Certified Military Residential Specialist (CMRS) training for real estate agents earns each Realtor three hours of continued education. Sean Parnell, the author of NY Times best-selling book "Outlaw Platoon," will be joining Fairway for the special event. Parnell plays an integral role in the Boot Camps and home-giveaway promotions. Since launching the initiative two years ago, Fairway has successfully trained 3,000 mortgage and real estate professionals.


As the nation struggles to provide housing opportunities for veterans, we thank companies like Fairway that are making a conscious effort to help them. Events like the Fairway training program should be embraced and promoted within the real estate industry...the trials that veterans face with housing need to be address and fixed!

Here at REIG, we are trying to do our part in spreading awareness. REIG Operation Renovation, it trying to make life easier for our military veterans. We are donating an entire home renovation to a veteran in need, and hope to continue helping the service community in any way that we can. Call us to find out more about how you can help at 760-566-3203!